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Meet the Team


Joel Bagnall 

I’m Married to Helena and have two sons, Mattias (6) and Elliot (4) and I work as a pastor on team at KBH Frikirke, primarily leading the Lyngby location and working with the youth and teen ministries. I’m a man of many hobbies, including Coffee, Lego and being a passionate Arsenal FC fan (and FCK - sorry Daniel).


My role in the AG team is to be the team and national leader for Teenage and Youth ministry for our movement, the Apostolic church.


My passion is to see every one of our churches have a growing and thriving teenage and youth ministry. That young young people and leaders would take hold of their purpose in God and change the world for His Glory.

I am married to Eline Tychsen and father to Mikas (8) and Asger (5). On a daily basis, works as lead pastor in Silkeborg Free Church and is also part of the Apostolic Church's service team.


My primary role in the AG team is to be a link between Acts Generations and the Service Team, where I have the next generation as my primary area of responsibility. Secondarily, I lead, together with Eline, the teenage part of Acts Generations Summer.  


I have a deep longing to see Apostolic Churches throughout the country, filled with teenagers and young people who believe in Jesus and believe in the church. So many young people choose faith and church because it doesn't make sense to them. I want to work for them to make SENSE again.

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Christian Tychsen 


Daniel Malan

Jeg beskæftiger mig til hverdag som ungdomspræst i åbenkirke i Herning og studere sociologi og kulturanalyse ved siden af og derudover er jeg passioneret fodbold fan for sorry to say Brøndby.

Min rolle på AG teamet er igennem mit arbejde med unge til hverdag at forhåbentlig være lidt i sync med hvad der forgår blandt de unge og forhåbentlig kunne være med til derigennem at give relevant input. Derudover leder jeg Youth Camp/ungdomscampen.

Jeg er passioneret for at se unge over hele landet møde Jesus og udrustes i den enkeltes liv, jeg har selv oplevet hvordan jesus forvandlede mit liv for altid og hvad det at vandre med ham har haft af betydning for mig, det brænder jeg for at se.

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